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As seen on TV!

We were delighted to be part of the Hairy Bikers' BBC2 Christmas special at the very end of 2023 "Coming Home for Christmas".

The episode was a celebration of Hairy Biker Dave Myers' return to health after a difficult period of illness. It was an emotional watch and charted the journey of both Dave and co-host Simon as they traveled the country, gathering the very finest ingredients for a celebratory festive dinner.

The guests included all kinds of people who had supported Dave - from food suppliers (including our Paul), doctors and medical support staff, right through to the wonderful supplier of Dave's new motorbike.

We have been supplying Dave with meat and produce for some time now, ever since he moved to the neighbourhood. He's a great customer, always cheerful, and champions us wherever he can. We are very proud to call him a friend.


If you'd like to watch the programme it's available on iplayer here:

Programme details: “The Hairy Bikers – Coming home for Christmas”, BBC2, 19th December 2023, 9pm

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