Being a local family business with lots of contacts in the area, we are all about keeping it local in every sense. We buy from local suppliers and we supply local businesses. It works for everyone as we are secure in the provenance of our products - and in turn, our customers can also enjoy the knowledge and understanding of the food we source for them.


If you are a local supplier or a potential customer, get in touch to explore the possibilities.

Based in Catton, Seasoned is a leading cookery school who offers a huge range of inspirational courses. We are the suppliers for their "Best of British Meat" day.

The Froggatt family farm just up the road in Hill Ridware where they produce the only 100% British crisps. They make everything except the packaging! They also provide us with their wonderful infused oils, made from their own rapeseed crops.

Trisha McCann and John Russell (who are actually our neighbours) use Paul Shum Family Butchers for all the meat they use in their amazing corporate buffet lunches. We've been known to visit several times in one day as the orders have flooded in to their popular kitchen! 




Eric & Sue Holsey - Woodmill Farm - Beef

JD Leavesley - Needwood House Farm - Beef and Lamb

John and Connie Robotham - Deanery Farm, Rangemore Beef

Local honey from Abbots Bromley

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